MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In this coldest of winters, somebody is doing something special to warm the hearts of patients at a Minnesota hospital.

Nicole Anderson posted this picture on our morning team’s Facebook page. It’s the word “love” and a peace symbol carved into the snow outside St. Cloud Hospital. They keep popping up, so we went to St. Cloud to check out the mystery messages.

From ground level, it doesn’t seem unusual. Just a little patted-down snow. But from above, it’s something special. Somebody has been stomping messages into the snow on the frozen Mississippi River, right under the windows of St. Cloud Hospital.

“They’ve got a set of snowshoes and see well organized and planned,” said nurse Mary Habiger, who saw the man and woman stamping out one of the mystery messages and leave. “They know exactly what they’re going to write.”

Nobody seems to know who they are, but there’s a new message each time it snows and plenty of people to enjoy it.

“Our building faces the river with lots of family lounges,” said Habiger. “So, even if the patient’s room isn’t on this side, everybody is going out looking in the lounges to look down at the river.”

Nate and Steph Labine were thrilled to see the signs and symbols outside their window in the days after their son Beckett was born. They check out of the hospital Monday, but hope the messages return.

These messages really are the talk of the hospital and the town. If you know who’s making them, let us know.

Frank Vascellaro

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