MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Last year, Lindsey Dubois of Brooklyn Park and her husband, Herve, decided to have another child. They were already blessed with four little girls and wanted to try for a boy.

“We thought we’d have one more child and be done,” Dubois said. “We thought five is a lot, but when you have four what’s one more.”

The family had just moved from Wisconsin and closed on their home in July when they realized Lindsey was expecting, but little did she know exactly what to expect.

“A couple months later at our ultrasound, we found out we were going to have triplets,” Lindsey said. “Nobody thinks they’ll have twins let alone triplets.”

She has never taken fertility pills. She conceived the triplets naturally, something doctors say is pretty rare.

“The statistical incidents are 1/8,000 occurring naturally,” said Dr. Kevin Hallman, Lindsey’s physician. “However, the incidents have gone up because of fertility drugs.”

In Hallman’s nearly 30 years of experience, he’s only delivered five sets of triplets.

“Two were naturally occurring, and three were related to the use of fertility meds,” Hallman said.

The news for Lindsey and her family was shocking and overwhelming. She already had four little girls: Gianni, 11; Bella, 6; Calais, 4; and Mia, 2, and now she was about to welcome three more little ladies.

“It would’ve been nice to have a boy,” said Lindsey, smiling.

Lindsey works as a nurse in St. Paul, and her husband works for General Mills in Golden Valley. She’s been placed on bed rest so she had to take leave from her job.

“Going from four to seven, we’re pretty much doubling our kids,” she said. “I’ve never had more than one at one time. I think it’s going to be a completely new experience.”

After her neighbors found out about her triple pregnancy, they organized a baby shower.

“It was really, really thoughtful of them because a lot of the people I don’t know very well,” she said. “You usually don’t [have] a baby shower when you’re on your fifth baby.”

Lindsey’s triplets each weigh about 4 pounds and she’s now at 32 weeks, which doctors say is a good stage. Lindsey hopes she can make it to 35 or 36 weeks to avoid the children having any health issues.


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