WAYZATA (WCCO) — On Monday afternoon, a Twin Cities couple got married in Costa Rica. Luckily for everyone involved, the groom was wearing pants.

You see, Jason Anderson of Maple Grove didn’t realize it, but his expensive suit pants had been left behind at a custom clothing shop in Wayzata, Judd Frost Clothiers.

The shop owner, Judd Frost, helped Anderson with his final fitting, the night before his flight.

“After I got it all together, he left,” said Frost. “The next morning, oh my goodness, there it is.”

Anderson’s pants were still in the dressing room.

“I went to his phone immediately, called him on the cell,” he said. “It rolled right over, so I knew he was on the airplane.”

With their remote resort 3,500 miles away, UPS and FedEx couldn’t promise delivery by wedding time. But Frost had someone else who could deliver: His daughter, Jessie, who’s a friend of the bride, Heather Spaeth.

She boarded an 11-hour flight, then a long van ride, to hand Jason the pants herself in Costa Rica.

“There was lots of hugs and lots of tears,” she said by phone from the resort. “Really heartwarming when you do something like that. It just makes it all worth it.”

Anderson wouldn’t have known until he dressed for his wedding.

“Absolutely left speechless,” he said, of Frost’s special delivery. “I don’t know what to think. It’s above and beyond the call of any small business.”

Anderson said it saved what could have been a disappointing – and even revealing – moment for the wedding party.

“I was telling all the guests that I was just going to go with a palm leaf, but they thought that would be inappropriate, so I’m glad she made it,” Anderson said.

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