MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When you’ve been through 45 days at or below zero, anything above freezing feels incredible. Temperatures peaked at 44 degrees Tuesday afternoon and the Twin Cities reached the warmest it’s been since Dec. 28.

Nick Boenigk and Ike Gibbons took the day off to enjoy fishing on an empty Lake Calhoun, which was frozen over.

“The sun’s peeking out, you can see blue sky over there, and the city over here. Just enjoying the beautiful day,” Boenigk said.

“Normally when we come out here, we’re fully geared up with the ice shack and the heater. It’s cranked. It’s a bit of a struggle, but today, it’s just blue skies.”

The bright sun brought back a sound not heard since December: the splashes of cars through puddles. It’s a sign the frozen memories of this past winter will melt away, eventually.

People could be seen Tuesday taking the dog for a walk, wearing sweaters. Extra layers weren’t needed.

“Today is much more tolerable. It’s a great day,” said Richard Gwynne of Minneapolis. “I’ve got this heavy sweater on, and it’s too warm.”

Tuesday’s meltdown is giving Target Field’s grounds crew a head start on its own version of spring cleaning. With the home opener just 48 days away, the boys of summer will be back soon enough.


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