MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It started as a small neighborhood toy shop in south Minneapolis and over the last 32 years, it’s become one of the top rated specialty toy stores in the country.

Creative KidStuff has locations all over the Twin Cities metro and in airports around the country. Now they’ve opened a new location in St. Louis Park.

As we are looking for the creative and unique toys for our kids, that’s exactly what Creative KidStuff specializes in. The toy market is one of the most competitive out there for consumers, but this franchise has had plenty of success.

“It’s about having the best of the best toys, having the greatest and newest items that people are really looking for,” said Becky Olk with Creative KidStuff. “Organic items, things that are fresh and new.”

Organic is among the newest and most innovative brand of toy. What makes a toy organic can vary, but mostly they are made out of recycled material. There are also toys that are colored with soy paint instead of regular paint or made with things that are biodegradable.

Olk said despite the fear that organic toys might be more expensive because they seemingly cost more to make, a majority of their toys are within the $10 to $20 range.

The most unique thing about their toys is that Creative KidStuff does not sell electronic toys. They work hard to let kids learn by playing instead of using electronic devices.