MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police are investigating the alleged sexual assaults of two 10-year-old girls, which took place Wednesday morning on the playground at Anderson Elementary School.

Joleana Williams, a parent of one of the alleged victims, says the assaults started as a game of chase between two 10-year-girls and three of their male classmates.

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“It turned into the boys aggressively chasing them. My daughter fell and one of the boys got on top of her,” Williams said. “Another boy came and stood over her and unzipped his pants and exposed himself.”

Williams says the boy told her daughter what he wanted her to do, and she fought back. Her friend was being held down by the third boy, according to parent Harold Davis.

“My daughter told me she was choked out, and then when she came to, you know, she tried to run and the little boy ran and caught her, jumped in front of her and said ‘You’re next,'” Davis said.

He says his daughter also fought back, and the girls were eventually saved by the ringing of the recess bell.

“When it first hit me I got mad, ain’t gonna lie to you,” he said. “I got mad, and I got to thinking about … they’re nothing but kids.”

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Davis and Williams both say they are upset that the school did not contact them when they learned of the incident.

“They were questioned, they had to write statements, they had to draw maps and all this time I wasn’t involved in the situation,” Williams said. “I had no idea what was going on.”

Both parents found out when their girls got home from school. Now they’re looking for answers as to why their girls had to be exposed to such behavior.

Minneapolis Public Schools released this statement about the situation:

“The matter is now under police investigation, and MPS will continue to work with law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of all students.”

MPS also says it will continue to review safety procedures to help future incidents from occurring.

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Davis and Williams say they will not send their children back to Anderson until they know for sure they will be safe.

Reg Chapman