MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — All this week, the WCCO Morning Show is checking out cool stuff for the kids to do over spring break.

The biggest creatures to ever roam the earth are waiting for you at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The new Ultimate Dinosaurs Exhibit is an interactive trip back through time for the entire family.

One of the neatest pieces of history at the exhibit is also one of the oldest dinosaur fossils ever found. The Cryolofosaurus is 190 million years old, and was found in Antarctica.

Some of the bones you can see were also discovered in Madagascar by people who actually worked at the Science Museum. Kristie-Cray Rogers was the curator of paleontology at the museum; she discovered and then got to name what is now known as the Rapetosaurus while she was a grad student.

The exhibit also features the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it’s a misconception that T. Rex was the “biggest, baddest” carnivorous dinosaur out there. The museum also features the Giganotosaurus from South America, which was not only bigger but also traveled in packs.

The Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit runs through August 24.