MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Now that spring is officially here, it’s a perfect time to at least think about de-cluttering your life. Edward Moody talked with cleaning guru Louise Kurzeka from Everything’s Together and found that, when it comes to getting rid of the excess, you have to ask the tough questions.

Here are some of the tips and questions he covered.

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First, ask the tough questions as you work in each space: When was the last time I used this? Does it still fit? Can I wear it as is? How many duplicates do I have? What has to happen for me to use this?

The answers to these questions will lead you to sorting into a variety of categories.

Second, avoid the clutter of de-cluttering by setting up Decision Boxes to sort possessions into as you review storage closets and spaces. The four to label and use are:

— Trash/Recycle: junk and stuff nobody wants
— Donation/Sell: items in demand by others in working order
— Storage: items you don’t need in active space any longer both short term and long term
— Put Back: stuff that is out of place and needs to be returned to its home

Third, take action on the Decision Boxes as needed. Take garbage and recycling out when full. Place donation boxes in car when full or done for immediate drop-off. Get items for storage properly boxed or bagged and relocated to storage areas. Return to proper homes items that have strayed.

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Fourth, reward yourself. Acknowledge your hard work with an activity you enjoy.

As for getting prepped for the big clean, here were the key pointers:

Organize Your Supplies: Simplify the arsenal of products with some basics such as all-purpose cleaner which can eliminate the need for a couple other specialty cleaners. Then create a basic cleaning kit by loading your usual cleaners into a caddy that can be carried from room to room.

Check Your Equipment: Just as you took an overview of cleaners, now survey the current condition of all your cleaning tools to make sure everything is ready to go. Are mop heads dirty or crumbling? Clean or discard and replace.

Make a Plan: Since spring cleaning involves doing the “extras”, get a prioritized list together of what you want to accomplish. You’ll find an easy to use checklist to get you started here.

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Reward, Reward, Reward: You’ll keep yourself and other family coming back if there is a payoff, so think ahead of a good reward that will reinforce everyone’s hard work. You might acknowledge all that hard work with a pizza and movie or a special family trip to an amusement or recreational park.