MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – For folks taking a stroll along Grand Avenue in St. Paul, Minn. on Saturday, there was a spring in their step.

“We’re super excited for summer,” Katelyn Johnson from Hugo said. “Everybody is going to be in such a better mood.”

“I think everyone’s rage level has come way down,” Kurt Christensen, from St. Paul, said.

Rage levels were down, as the temperatures were up.  Everyone wanted to be outside to take advantage of the ‘no-jacket required’ weather.

“I’d be happy to just roll around in the mud at this point,” Christensen said. Christensen said.

For some, the 40s were warm enough for a round of golf.

It was a busy day for business at Columbia Golf Course in Minneapolis.

“Weather’s nice, golf course is open, so it’s been so it’s been pretty bad winter so I was pretty eager to get out and spend time in the sun,” Aditya Ganesh said.

The cold weather will be back next week, but for now the brief blast of spring is something to celebrate.

“It’s so nice, like, I’m so excited for tomorrow too because it’s going to be even better,” Johnson said.

Sunday could see temperatures as high as 60 degrees, but come Monday it’s back to winter.

Kate Raddatz