MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When driving through St. Louis Park, it’s hard to miss the big treehouse off of Minnetonka Boulevard. But the local landmark may soon only exist in memories.

Tucker’s Treehouse has been fascinating passers-by for nearly 30 years. It was first built in 1986, and at one time it was open for tours. Adults and children alike have marveled at the seven-tiered tree house built into a stately maple at the corner of Minnetonka Boulevard and Ottawa Avenue.

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“I think the tree house is a real landmark in St. Louis Park, sort of an icon,” said Maura Sullivan, who has lived next door to it since it was built.

But the treehouse is now collapsing.

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Sullivan’s grandsons and other treehouse enthusiasts were able to tour the treehouse, which once received national attention in the late ’80s.

But now the treehouse is in a state of near-collapse.

“I feel kinda bad that it fell down,” said Scott Aldrich. “I drive by here a lot, and I’ve always thought that was the greatest tree fort I’ve ever seen.”

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With potentially 6 to 12 inches of wet snow falling on the tree house Thursday and Friday, the rest of it may collapse completely by the weekend.