ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Minnesota Department of Revenue officials have a message for taxpayers who haven’t filed their returns.

The department says the new tax cuts are good to go, and taxpayers should file now. Those cuts were passed just a couple of weeks ago by lawmakers, and thousands of Minnesotans could benefit.

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A couple of weeks ago, the revenue department made a very unusual appeal, urging Minnesotans to wait to file their tax returns so it could re-calibrate its computers and re-write tax forms for the new cuts.

More than a million taxpayers have not yet filed their returns, and many of them could get a fresh tax cut.

And for the million and a half who have already filed, do nothing. The revenue department will be in contact, according to Commissioner Myron Frans.

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“The department will review your return, make the adjustment and send a refund if we can,” Frans said. “If we cannot make the adjustment without additional information, we’ll contact you with a letter and ask for the additional information and then make the adjustment and send a refund if you qualify.”

It’s very possible some Minnesotans will get a second refund check in the mail because of these tax cuts.

For those who will file now, the cuts will be included in the return. For those who already filed, the revenue department will spend the next month sorting it out.

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If you go to the revenue department website, look for an orange icon that says “Tax Law Changes” and click on it.