MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Spring Break is wrapping up in some Minnesota districts, but after Thursday’s snowstorm it looks like anything but spring outside.

The weather, however, was no problem to spring breakers Friday. To some, it was even a joy, as sledding conditions were stellar.

“It feels like the middle of winter,” said Addy Frye, of south Minneapolis.

She added that she’d rather be in the snow than in a classroom, especially when the snow is perfect for making snowmen.

“We just want to have fun and build a snowman and go sledding,” she said.

Danae Sollie, another student on spring break, went downhill skiing at Buck Hill in Burnsville.

“The snow is really good,” she said, “but it’s a little windy.”

She said she hoped her spring break would be filled with sun and temperatures in the 60s. Still, her family is helping her make the most of the wintry blast.

“The whole state is complaining about snow,” said her father, Paul Sollie. “We woke up today and I said, ‘Denae, we need to embrace it, let’s go to Buck Hill.'”

The ski director at Buck Hill, Tom Schulz, said that having this much fresh snow at the beginning of April is pretty unusual.

“The best advertisement we can have is to have fresh snow,” he said. “And to get that right before a Friday, and to have a great weekend is what we need and what we want.”

He says there are also benefits outside of the cold hard cash. He said the wet snow is soft and forgiving for skiers.

“It’s kinda like the most powder you get all year,” Schulz said, “and it’s a real good time out here.”

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield