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Trending Now: Google Glass: Here to stay or silly fad?

Hashtag: #WouldYouWearThem? — Some call them the next big thing while others dismiss them as a goofy-looking fad that will go the way of the Zune, if you can even remember the Zune.

Details: Google Glass, which up until now has only been available to a small group of “testers,” will now be available to all of us mortals on April 15 for one day only – and for $1,500.

These futuristic glasses allow the wearer to access the internet, see directions and notifications – and all on the lens. You can even take pictures, and they’re voice-controlled.

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Trending Now: Hot Rooftops

Hashtag: #BooYeah

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Details: City Pages came out with their list of the best rooftop bars and restaurants, but we have our own favorites. The St. Paul staple Cosetta’s opened their rooftop last year, and it’s perfect.

We’re a little biased here at WCCO because they’re neighbors, but even if our station was in Anoka, Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis would still make my list of the best rooftops in the city.

And one of the newest rooftops in the city is also one of the coolest – Union.

Oh, and one more entry – The WCCO Rooftop!

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

I see potato sack races in my future, and on that Brady Bunch grass!


Trending Now: Finally, we’re combining two big trending topics: the hit HBO show “Game of Thrones” and those incredible singing goats!

Hashtag: #MAHHHH!

Details: Just watch the video below!

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