MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Everyone wants to look good at their most important moments — their weddings, big parties or work events.

Many will spend hundreds to get our hair and nails done, but when it comes to makeup, we’ll usually do it at home. The average woman will spend more than a year of their lives applying make-up. Over the course of a lifetime, that’s $15,000 spent on cosmetics.

But, applying isn’t always easy. There are often smudges, makeup lines, clumps. But there’s a new one-of-a-kind service that helps women to put their best face forward.

Julianne Amendola is the director of advancement at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. She just signed up for the WarPaint Signature Card. It’s a first of its kind makeup membership with online scheduling.

“I do a lot of events on my job and a lot of events in town, so it’s nice to be sure I’m going to look great,” she said.

For $400 a year, she gets two professional makeup applications a month, and she doesn’t have to go anywhere.

As a makeup artist, Jessica Mae watched as women got blow-outs before big events and wanted their faces to match. Even she was guilty of letting that aspect of the preparations go slack.

“I go to events all the time. And as a make-up artist, I’m still rushing around all the time, mascara coming down the face. I wish someone would come to me and do my makeup,” she said.

The artists also provide tips and tricks for the next time you’re on your own, consultation on what look goes best with your outfit, and a freelance hair professional can be added so you can do everything you want, where you want.

Whether it’s a bride, a professional woman or just someone who wants to look good for date night, Mae hopes it gives more women the opportunity to bring their inner beauty out.

The WarPaint Signature Card hopes to be the Uber of the makeup world, where people can even go online and book a last minute or even same-day application.

They plan to eventually do monthly memberships if $400 a year is too steep. And they also can do corporate groups or bridesmaid groups with multiple artists.