By Jennifer Mayerle, WCCO-TV

LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — While Thursday’s tornadoes stayed south, parts of the Twin Cities did suffer wind damage.

Employees cleaned up the mess outside of the Lakeville Walmart. Carl Cannon says shoppers started screaming as debris flew in the store.

“I was watching the storm come through and it just sucked it right off. It sucked the door off the front of the building, brought it down here,” Cannon said. “It was bad, I mean people were worried. People were running in the back, running for cover.”

Diane Eriksen was checking out when she heard her truck announced over the PA system.

“This whole cart rack had been pushed over into my truck and it dented it over here, shattered the passenger-side window,” Eriksen said.

She swept up the glass with one thought in mind.

“I should have stayed home,” she said.

Not far from there, Shanna Pavey and her son, Ayden, saw the storm blow something out of place.

“I watched my patio furniture start to lift up and blow, next thing I know I see the trampoline just lift and just flip right over the whole fence and it landed right in the middle of the street,” Pavey said. “I just couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Nine-year-old Ayden says he “pinched” himself because he thought it was a dream.

“I was freaking out,” Ayden said. “That’s probably like the worst storm I’ve ever been in.”

Ayden says the trampoline is pretty tough, and he was worried someone might hit it and get hurt. The Paveys had help moving it out the of street.

And Diane Eriksen is hoping insurance will cover some of the damage to her truck.


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