ST. JOSEPH, Minn. (WCCO) — He may just be 10 years old, but he’s already doing big things to help others.

Dominic Ballou, a fourth grader in St. Joseph, Minn., says his friends don’t have a safe place to play in their housing community.

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The metal on the small playground is rusted and it’s falling apart.

“Since they’re metal, a lot of people get hurt on them,” he said.

Dominic lives in a low-income neighborhood where families, like his, don’t have a lot.

“A lot of them don’t have cars, a lot of them have been through medical stuff and I just want them to have a new playground, because they’re probably not going to get out of low income housing,” he said.

So he set out on a mission to get a new playground. He’s found the kind he wants.

“I like it because…kids can do gymnastics,” he said, “and it has some swings.”

Dominic is raising money the old fashion way — going door to door asking businesses for donations.

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“I’m collecting money,” he tells people, “for a low-income housing development for a new playground.”

The pitch is working. One after another, the checks are raining in.

“We are at $1,200,” Dominic said. “Our goal is $2,000.”

Where does Dominic’s good will come from? His mom, most likely.

Amber Wiese raised Dominic as a struggling, single parent. She just graduated from college this Mother’s Day.

“[Dominic] is standing up for people who have experienced significant barriers in their lives,” she said.

Dominic wants to raise enough money to buy a Rainbow Play System. The company says it’ll match whatever he raises.

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After the playground, Dominic has plans to raise money for bus shelter for kids and a community garden.