MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You know that friend you always look forward to bumping into because they have the scoop on the latest trend or let you know about the product you just got to have?

Blogs are that friend for a lot of people, and MomTrends is a popular one founded by Nicole Feliciano. She flew into town and stopped by WCCO-TV’s studio to share some of her favorite drugstore buys that can help busy moms who are also on a budget.

The first thing she talked about are BB creams — or “beauty and blemish” creams — which she said bring five things into one convenient product. In the past, most BB creams have been designed for the face, but now they’re developing similar products for the rest of the body, too.

“It’s illuminating, it’s moisturizing, it’s giving you your best possible skin,” she said.

The next product Feliciano showed off helps mothers put some distance between their salon visits. John Frieda has a color gloss that, she said, “takes you through the last few weeks.” Simply use it in the shower after you wash your hair and you’ll get a little color boost.

The best part is that these products are available right at the drugstore. Another life hack, as it were: every woman should have a shower cap. You can get them right at the dollar store. If you completely cover your hair when you take a shower, your style can last more than one day. Wearing a shower cap is much better than just putting your hair up.

If you need a personal style assistant and can’t afford to pay top dollar, you’re in luck. Feliciano said that an app called StyleSeat will coordinate beauty appointments at 15,000 different places across the country, not unlike Open Table, but for beauty.


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