MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An 85-year old West St. Paul man is accused of threatening to shoot his neighbors over an ongoing dispute about a parking space, according to charges filed Wednesday in Dakota County Court.

James Clayton Mattaini was charged with one felony count of making terroristic threats in connection with the incident, which happened Saturday in West St. Paul.

According to the charges, a community service officer was called at about 1:58 p.m. that day to a parking complaint at a residence. The officer met with Mattaini, who said his neighbors were parking in his assigned parking spot and it was an ongoing issue.

The neighbors came to speak with the officer and during that process, Mattaini allegedly yelled at them, “I’m going to go into my house, get my gun and shoot you! I am a Korean vet, I know how to kill people and I carry a gun legally!” according to the complaint.

Mattaini is also accused of saying, “I am 85 years old, I won’t serve any time for shooting you both!” the charges state.

The two neighbors he is accused of threatening are married, and one of them told police he threatened to shoot them multiple times that day, according to the complaint. The woman said Mattaini has made similar threats to her and her family in the past, and his behavior makes her scared for the safety of her and her family. The woman told police she thinks he’s capable of carrying out the threats.

When an officer asked Mattaini if he had in fact threatened to shoot his neighbors, he told the officer “I will shoot them dead!”

If convicted, Mattaini faces up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.


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