MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The “Hidden Cash” frenzy is hitting closer to home, thanks to a couple in Waseca, Minn. who just wants to give back.

The “Hidden Cash” frenzy started with one guy who hid cash in California, then tweeted out its location.

Several copycats have since popped up in Washington, Texas, Louisiana and, now, Waseca.

“Well, it wasn’t just about leaving cash. We thought, what a great way to have some fun and get people out to explore their own city,” said one of the donors, who wishes to remain anonymous.

That’s the message this mysterious donor wants to send to his fellow Waseca residents as he and his girlfriend hide envelopes with cash throughout various parts of the city.

“Just have a good time with it and even if you don’t find the money, just have a good time searching for it,” he said.

The first person to find the envelope found it at North Shore Park, and the donors say there’s plenty more to come.

“Until we get bored, maybe. We like to see the reactions. We’ve already seen some positive reactions, and people are putting a smile on their face,” one of the donors said.

A big smile came to Gretchen Hodapp who found out about the challenge through clues on Twitter through @WasecaCash.

“It’s like a treasure hunt,” Hodapp said.

And 20 minutes later, Hodapp came away a little richer.

“I thought it was just an empty envelope. I was like ‘oh there’s actually cash in it!’ My mom was like ‘oh yeah there’s cash in there!’ We came up here and we could not see anything. But we looked underneath the bench and it was stuck up there,” Hodapp said.

And now, she has $20 extra dollars, which she says will go for gas in her car.

“I would like to thank them because it’s a really good idea,” Hodapp said. “A lot of stuff’s been going on in Waseca so it’s nice that someone could put some good in the town.”

A little good that goes a long way.

“Hopefully people spend the money on their friends and family and spend it in the local community,” the donor said.

A city, with a little bit of fun and mystery.


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