MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — President Barack Obama will land in Minnesota for a two-day visit on Thursday. After a town-hall style meeting at Minnehaha Park, the president will attend a fundraising dinner at the home of a Minneapolis couple.

No parking signs are posted and preps are underway near the home of hosts Sam and Sylvia Kaplan. The Kaplan’s are long-time Democratic supporters and donors. Thursday night’s event is to raise money for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“What it comes down to, it’s about raising money and face time with the president,” Hamline professor David Schultz said.

He calls Minnesota a generous state and said that may be why the president continues to come back to raise money. According to the fundraiser invitation, the ask is for $32,400 per couple for a VIP reception, dinner and photo with the president.

Attendees can opt for just dinner and a photo for $20,000 per couple or $10,000 a person.

“Show up, a little meet and greet. The president’s going to come out, give a speech, talk all about how he needs your support, he needs people to come out and give money to the Democrats this year,” Schultz said. “Then a bunch of pictures are taken, and somewhere in the process there, a bunch of checks are exchanged.”

Private fundraisers are common during election years. One like this at the Kaplan’s is exclusive with only 100 to 200 people in attendance.

“A lot of those hidden people, people’s who’s names who you don’t normally hear day to day, but have an incredible amount of money who are the doctors, the lawyers, the business people,” Schultz said.

Jennifer Mayerle