By Liz Collin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A photographer has changed her view of Minneapolis’ toughest streets after what she’s witnessed this month.

Sarah Hrudka set out to capture the real people of north Minneapolis and their reasons for calling it home. What started as a quick project soon turned personal.

“I’m doing a photo series called 30 North,” Hrudka said.

It’s a photo series that she began as a way to better appreciate what some consider a notorious neighborhood.

Every day this month in North Minneapolis, she’s snapped someone new.

“It’s so genuine and sincere and what childhood looks like, regardless of where you live,” Hrudka said.

She just goes up to people and asks questions.

“Why do you choose to live here?” she asked one man as she snapped his picture.

“There’s a lot of good,” Hrudka said. “And people want to shout it from the rooftops.”

A Wisconsin native, Hrudka is now one of them. She moved to the north side nine months ago.

“Whenever I said that I lived here, people would always kind of shutter and were concerned about that fact, and I didn’t understand that,” she said.

So, she has set out to change the view.

“The day I move out of this house and this neighborhood,” she said, “it will be feet first.”

North Minneapolis is a melting pot of people, each with a special story.

“When you open your eyes in a different way and chose to see it through a different lens, you start to notice those things,” she said.

To see Sarah Hrudka’s #30North Project, click here.

Liz Collin


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