MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a weekend of back-to-back deadly shootings in north Minneapolis, police and city officials are taking action on foot.

On Tuesday, Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau was out patrolling near one of the fatal shooting sites, talking about the area’s struggle with crime.

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At the same time, police were responding to a robbery two blocks away.

“I could put a cop on every corner,” Harteau said. “It’s not gonna stop the violence to that level.”

Minneapolis police have had 83 calls responding to shootings in north Minneapolis in 2014, compared to 61 at this point in 2013. They also recovered 258 weapons this year, compared to 192 in 2013.

“We need people to put their guns down,” Harteau said. “We need them to find other ways to resolve conflicts and let people know, yes, there are a lot of people, good people, who live in north Minneapolis.”

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Mayor Betsy Hodges was also meeting with leaders on the north side.

“It’s frustrating, and it’s heartbreaking,” Hodges said. “We need to pull out every stop we can to end it as quickly as possible.”

Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson called on Hennepin county judges for stricter punishment of those arrested.

“When someone is arrested with a gun, they need to do time, the penalties are there. Impose them. I am pleading with you,” Johnson said.

Harteau says that while overall crime is down (9 percent), police have more resources in north Minneapolis than anywhere else, so they are frustrated. They are making progress, but not enough, she said.

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Harteau says police need help from the community and they are welcoming ideas for what they can do to help make the area safer.

Kate Raddatz