MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After months of build-up and a weekend of smaller events, the excitement is really starting to pick up for the All-Star Game.

The players were at Target Field Monday for their only practice, and the Home Run Derby is slated for later Monday night.

But for those fans that will sit in the seats, it may not have been what they pictured for a July day in Minnesota.

“Maybe I should’ve packed warmer clothes,” one fan said.

Even though the stadium is ready, but it seems some fans are intimidated by the record-breaking forecast. The highs were only slated to be in the mid 60s. The lows in the 50s.

Ticket King was abuzz on Monday, but they say people are more interested in All-Star Game tickets.

“If you are looking for a deal, go to the Home Run Derby, the All Star game is not going to change,” said Andrew Baydala, with Ticket King. “It’s not gonna rain, there’s no forecast that’s going to stop it from selling.”

As of noon on Monday, there were about 500 tickets are left for the Home Run Derby. For the All-Star Game, there are about 700 tickets left.