MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s the most difficult task a coach will ever undertake: telling your team that one of your players died.

On Wednesday, that happened when Minneapolis South High School sophomore Sha-kym Adams, 15, drowned in Lake Nokomis. Head football coach Lenny Sedlock is now trying to help his team heal.

After Adams drowned, Sedlock rushed to the lake to give his players a talk he never wanted to give.

“As an athlete…[Adams] just worked so hard,” Sedlock said.

On Thursday, the team gathered in the school’s gym to lift weights.

The players are not ready to talk about Adams’ death.

“I know I have some guys on my team, they were feeling guilt,” Sedlock said. “And they still might. That’s OK, but they need to realize it’s not their fault.”

Adams’ mother has been the team’s rock for the last 24 hours. She addressed the team at an emotional meeting Wednesday night.

“She is standing up, and instead of asking for comfort, she is giving comfort,” Sedlock said. “She was comforting our players and letting them know, Hey, I’m so glad you were with him.”

On Monday, the coach will gather his team for the season’s first practice, without a promising player and dear friend.

“As young as he was, our upper classmen saw him this summer as a leader,” Sedlock said. “That says a lot.”

How You Can Help

A memorial fund has been set up to help Adams’ family.

You can make a donation at Adams’ GoFundMe page.


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