MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A community meeting was slated for Monday to talk about a video-taped police arrest back in January.

Chris Lollie shot a video as St. Paul Police arrested him in the skyway of the First National Bank Building. Lollie was told he was trespassing and refused to show his ID.

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Police say they were forced to use their tasers after Lollie pulled away and did not comply with their orders.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has since called for a full review of the incident, after video appeared on YouTube.

He called the arrest “concerning.”

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During his confrontation with police, Lollie had argued he was allowed to be sitting in the skyway, saying the area had no sign saying it was private.

Also, the First National Bank posted a picture on its Facebook page back in 2009. It shows seats in the skyway with the caption: “Need a quick five? Enjoy a seat on the skyway.”

Lollie has hired an attorney and plans to file a civil rights lawsuit.

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Coleman said he was going to meet privately Monday with police and leaders of the African-American community to discuss the incident.