MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With the cooler weather comes the urge to light up the fireplace. That could be difficult for some parts of the state, and maybe in the Twin Cities before long. That means the time to buy firewood may be right now, while supplies last.

In more than two decades cutting, drying and delivering firewood throughout the Twin Cities, Jason McCullough has never been busier this early in the year. Many people are stocking up to avoid a possible firewood shortage, which is already a problem up north.

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“Log trucks were not able to get out into the woods until at least June because there was so much rain in the spring,” said McCullough, who owns Pinnacle Firewood Company in Stillwater.

The shortage is so real in some areas of northern Minnesota that firewood stores are already closed. And McCullough is getting calls for long-range deliveries.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“Duluth, Bemidji, Hermantown, Superior,” said McCullough, listing off the far-off contacts for wood to burn. “We’re running two loads, one to Duluth and one to Hermantown, on Saturday. People just don’t have options.”

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McCullough said we’ll know within a month if the firewood shortage will affect the Twin Cities.

“The very, very busy part is from September, the heavy orders are October, November, December,” he said. “Three to four weeks, we’ll know whether or not there could be a possible shortage in the Twin Cities.”

While many buy firewood to add ambiance to the backyard or living room, some need it for heat, especially in rural areas of northern Minnesota.

“I’m hoping that the supply doesn’t get so low that people that rely on the cheaper heat source, versus propane or electric, aren’t affected,” he said.

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McCullough said Twin Cities firewood supplies are well-stocked for now.