Looking for a new drink to make? Try the Crooked Manhattan, brought to you by Heather Manley.

Prep: 4 min but hey! it’s a cocktail… so it’s worth it.

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Serves: One so double up for your mooching friends


– 2 oz King’s Point Bourbon

– Italian Amarena Cherries-(Sour Cherries in syrup)

– .5 oz Sweet Vermouth mix

– 2-3 Drops of Cherry Bitter

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– 2-3 Drops of Orange Bitters (We used “Bittercubes: Orange, Coriander, Cardamom”) *optional garnish: Orange Peel

How to mix it:

– Muddle 4 cherries and put in shaker with bourbon and vermouth mixture. Shake well. Then shake well again.

– Pour into glass clear class.

– Add Cherry Bitters and Orange Bitters.

– Add one square cube (or straight up in a martini glass) and drop in one cherry and orange garnish if desired.

– Let your boss know you will not be returning to the office, kick up your heels and relax.

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Note: Be sure to use high quality bitters but don’t worry, the good stuff won’t run you more than $10 per bottle and they last forever.