When “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant Rudy Abreu, of Miami, heads to Minneapolis next week with the rest of the Top 10 on tour, he may want to consider packing a parka. Well, first, he’ll want to Google what that is.

“What’s that?” he asked, during a phone interview Wednesday.

“Um, it’s like a large, warm coat?” I respond, realizing I’ve never explained a parka before.

“Oh,” he says, with a laugh. “Yeah, I’ve been shopping for sweaters.”

The lovable, never predictable, some would argue “fan favorite” of Season 11 joins the rest of the crew Friday, Oct. 17 for a show at the State Theatre.

The more-than-70-city tour is just one of the many ways Abreu’s life has changed since his time on the hit show.

(credit: Submitted)

(credit: Submitted)

He said one of the biggest — and ultimately, most exciting — changes is the connections he’s made within the dance world. Working with a number of choreographers, many with impressive resumes, has been hugely rewarding, he said.

He’s hoping it could lead to another big break, perhaps even his ultimate dream job.

“I’d love to be in the cast of ‘Newsies,'” he said.

Throughout the duration of the show, the dancers are often times asked to perform several dances in a single episode, something Abreu said can be quite exhausting.

“You’re basically given about four hours to learn the routine,” he said, adding there’s not much time in between rehearsals for rest.

He shared the stage with many talented female partners — both fellow contestants and show all-stars — but the diplomatic dancer said he doesn’t have a favorite.

And while he may have referenced a romance with a certain ballerina while on the show (ahem, Jacque LeWarne) he said that relationship is no more. He did hint there’s a new leading lady — one from the “So You Think You Can Dance” family — but didn’t give any specific details.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” he said.

The tour started about a week ago and while they’re just getting warmed up, Abreu said it’s been an incredible time — and he’s grateful for the chance to see the fans in person.

“When they call my name and I run out on that stage and hear the fans screaming, it’s so cool,” he said.

Next week, Abreu will have his moment with the Minnesota fans, joining (SYTYCD winner) Ricky Ubeda, Valerie Rockey, Jessica Richens, Zack Everhart, Casey Askew, LeWarne, Tanisha Belnap, Bridget Whitman and Emilio Dosal in Minneapolis.

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