MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Angela from Minneapolis asked: What is the most popular license plate for a cause in Minnesota?

There are almost 4.5 million passenger license plates in Minnesota.

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According to the Department of Public Safety, the DNR Critical Habitat plates are the most popular at 101,412. People with these plates are required to make an annual contribution of $30.

The Angler plate is the most popular of the Critical Habitats.


Katie from Northfield wanted to know: Why does a flu shot make your arm stiff?

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“It’s a foreign protein and your body is reacting to it, that’s the whole point of it,” Dr. Frank Rhame, an infectious disease specialist with Allina Health Clinics, said.

He says that reaction causes inflammation when the white cell grab onto the antigens in the vaccine to produce the antibody.


Kate from St. Louis Park asked: What’s the difference between dinner and supper?

In Kate’s family, supper is the hearty, last meal of the day and dinner is a lighter meal served in the middle of the day. According to the dictionary, supper is a light evening meal and dinner, whenever you eat it, is the main meal of the day.

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According to the Harvard Dialect Survey, 8 percent of people believe supper is the evening meal and dinner is eaten earlier.  Another 8 percent think supper is a lighter evening meal.  Twelve percent believe dinner is more formal than supper, a third of people think they

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