MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Halloween is always a busy night in downtown Minneapolis, and it’s even busier when it falls on a Friday night. Many downtown bars are predicting this will be their busiest night of the entire year.

As co-owner of Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar, Linda Rae Holcomb knows that Halloween on Friday means big business.

“Otherwise the default night is Saturday. So I think we’ll get both nights,” said Holcomb.

They’re expecting as many as 800 customers each night. It’s the same story across the street at Kieran’s Irish Pub, where the anticipated business is anything but scary.

“It’s a high sales night. It’s a good turnout. It’s a good night all around for everybody,” said manager Aaron Fruen.

Even for Minneapolis Police. You’ll see plenty of costumes downtown, but plenty of uniforms too.

“The bars have touted this to be the biggest bar night of the year,” police spokesman John Elder said.

The department will have a full complement of officers on hand for both Friday and Saturday, according to Elder. It gives them a good opportunity to implement their “cops out of cars” initiative.

“We’ll have officers out on bikes. We’ll have officers out on segues. We’ll have officers out on foot. And you will see officers out in the community and out on the side streets talking to kids and spending time out there,” Elder said.

For Minneapolis Police, it’s like preparing as if New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day fell on back-to-back nights.

“You never expect to have problems but you plan and prepare for them. So you prepare for the worst and you hope for the best,” Elder said.

John Lauritsen


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