MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It may be October, but skiing’s happening right now at Wild Mountain Ski Area near Taylors Falls.

It has been cold enough to make snow the last few nights, so that’s just what the crews have been doing.

And when Wild Mountain opened at 1 p.m. Friday, customers were there.

Employees were the first on the snow, with a staff member named Denny making the first run, with shorts and no ski poles.

“I wear shorts until opening day,” he said. “I ski in my shorts, and then after I go in the chalet, I can put on long pants for the first time since last winter.”

Wild Mountain has a reputation for opening as soon as possible. They may lose a little snow in the autumn sunshine, but they make up for it at night.

“The temperature needs to be below freezing, and the temperature and the humidity together need to be less than 100,” a spokesperson said, “and once that happens, we’re able to turn the snow guns on and make snow.”

It wasn’t long before snowboarders took over the hill. With a tow rope and any kind of snow, they’re ready to go.

“It really doesn’t matter to us as long as we can strap in,” one fall boarding enthusiast said. “Honestly, we’re just trying to have a good time. It doesn’t matter if the snow is man-made or natural, we’ll ride on it.”

Saturday should be a big day at Wild Mountain. They’ll be making more snow Friday night and hope to have at least one more run open, as well as one of the chairlifts.

Amelia Santaniello