WOODBURY, Minn. (WCCO) The self-proclaimed “Minnesota Martian” has made the latest round of cuts for the Mars One Program.

Jackson Kisling was one of more than 200,000 when he applied to be one of the first people to go to Mars. Now he’s only up against 662 others.

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Mars One is a private Dutch company looking to send four people to Mars in 2025 to begin colonizing the planet.

Kisling is hoping to one of those four.

“I feel that we have to do it,” Kisling said. “We really need to get off of this planet and get out into the solar system. I feel that I care about it enough that I’m willing to be the person who does it.”

Kisling calls himself the “Minnesota Martian.”

He has a blog dedicated to the Mars One mission and even a spacesuit designed by his friends.

His blog answers the question most people have: Why on Earth (or Mars) would he want to do this?

The mission is a permanent one, applicants are aware there would be no return to Earth.

“My mom, of course, doesn’t want me to go,” said Kisling. “My grandma doesn’t want me to go.”

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But for Kisling, the mission is what he has been waiting his whole life for.

“I feel like you just have to get out there and follow your dreams,” Kisling said. “Life is a suicide mission, so better to go out doing something no one’s ever done.”

The next step is a 15 minute interview.

“I’ve been waiting all year long for this interview,” Kisling said. “I’ve been planning for it, presenting myself as this person they’re going to want to put in this program.”

Kisling is currently finishing his degree in computer science, but he’s also selling himself as “the artist.”

“I’m an artist and designer and musician,” Kisling said.

He has composed a space anthem in honor of Mars One and prepared special games that would be easy to take to Mars.

Kisling is one of four finalists from Minnesota.

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In addition to prepping for his interview, he will be having a debate with another local contender in the next few weeks.