MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, a lot of us start thinking about baking.

Many of us bake pies, cakes, cookies and other treats special for this time of year.

That’s why Jason DeRusha headed to the western suburbs, just west of Wayzata, to try the Country Cake Cupboard Cafe.

It just feels right.

In the small town of Long Lake, you’ll find an adorable cafe called the Country Cake Cupboard.

“Baking is my true love,” April Wysocki said.

April Wysocki is the owner and the baker-in-chief at Country Cake Cupboard.

“This is for a little girl this weekend who is having a party, and it’s all about little fairies,” Wysocki said showing DeRusha a special cake. “Same with this one back here. There was a bride and groom and their love was their dogs. So they brought pictures in and we created their dogs, and made one a little bride and one a little groom.”

The personal touch is why Wysocki feels her cake business continues to rise since the humble beginnings in 1996.

“This is a page in a person’s life. You have one chance at doing the right thing and making them happy,” she said.

She said it’s different than running a bakery downtown because of the community.

“We have a sense of being part of this community’s family. They like the local businesses that are here, whether you’re a tire business or bakery.”

So in 2006, Wysocki added a cafe in the bakery, offering daily breakfast and lunch.

There’s a small shop surrounding the cases filled with pies and cupcakes.

“Cupcakes were the thing that just kind of took off. And it hasn’t died. It just kind of evolved,” she said.

The wedding business has changed a lot, too. All thanks to one thing.

“People now have Pinterest at their fingertips. It’s a bookload of pictures of ‘I want this, I want that, I want this,'” she said.

But the magic here is that Wycoski’s cakes taste as amazing as they look.

Real ingredients. Old fashioned service.

It’s why people are coming from all over to the Country Cake Kitchen.

Custom cakes start at around $40 for an eight inch cake and of course go up. The wedding cake with the dogs was $85.

Jason DeRusha