MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Former Minnesota-Duluth professor Jim Fetzer says new information about the JFK assassination shows the secret service was involved in the president’s death 51 years ago.

Fetzer has become a major conspiracy analyst since the early 1990’s.

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His interest was sparked when he saw a speech by an American Medical Association official that Fetzer believe misrepresented the head wounds Kennedy suffered.

“I knew what he was saying was completely wrong,” Fetzer said. “And it occurred to me that perhaps, therefore, some of us with special backgrounds and abilities ought to become involved.”

Fetzer has written books and hosted conferences on alterations of the Zapruder film, which inadvertently recorded the assassination.

Fetzer points to newly uncovered interviews of officers in the motorcade who claim the president’s limousine stopped to set up the shooting. That’s not what’s in the official production of the Zapruder film, which shows the limousine moving while shots were fired.

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“This is all absolutely stunning stuff,” Fetzer said. “It was such a blatant indication of Secret Service complicity and setting him up for the hit they had to take it out. So if you watch the extant version of the Zapruder film, you’ll find none of this.”

Fetzer is part of a conference on the assassination this weekend in Arlington, Texas.

“This is among the most important work of my entire life. The American people deserve to know their own history.”

Fetzer feels those behind the assassination wanted to keep Kennedy from making policy changes that eventually would have made a tremendous difference in world history.

“The institutional interest that brought it about still prevail to this day,” he said. “JFK was threatening to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces. He had not invaded Cuba, contrary to the unanimous recommendation of the joint [Chiefs of Staff]. He signed an above-ground test ban treaty with the Soviet Union, contrary to their unanimous opposition. He was pulling our forces out of Vietnam.”

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