MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As sleet came down in the metro Sunday afternoon, road crews prepared for what could be a messy Monday commute.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, temperature is key because it’s expected to hover overnight between 30 and 35 degrees — right around freezing.

“If it drops below freezing wet will turn to ice and we’ll have slippery conditions,” MnDOT’s Kevin Gutknecht said.

Plows spent the day preparing the major highways with salt. Gutknecht says MNDOT doesn’t plan to have a full force of road crews out Monday, but will have them standing by pending how the temperature shifts.

“Regardless of what we do, the public needs to be aware of the road conditions and slow down and take their time,” he said.

Bridges will be especially icy.

“Cold air gets up underneath the bridge deck and so they ice up a little more quickly,” Gutknecht said.

Those living in northwestern Minnesota will likely have the hardest commutes with the falling snow, but people in and near the metro should still be cautious.

“From across the state, moving from west to east, there could be slippery conditions,” Gutnecht said.

If the temperature was just 5 to10 degrees warmer, this would all melt, but if it goes 5 degrees colder it’s going to be pretty slick., MnDOT said.

So, leave yourself some extra time before you head out the door.

Kate Raddatz