MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the first time, we’re seeing what happened before a former Mankato State football player was hit and kicked, changing his life forever.

The newly released video shows Isaac Kolstad approaching former U of M quarterback Philip Nelson. He appears to take a shot at Nelson, who then falls to the ground.

That’s when officers say Nelson and another man, Trevor Shelley, retaliate. Kolstad suffered brain trauma in the incident.

Both Nelson and Shelley are now face criminal charges.

Both sides in this case, interestingly enough, want people to see this video. And both sides agree it’s violent.

Ken White is Kolstad’s civil attorney.

“The video tape pretty much speaks for itself,” White said.

James Fleming is Nelson’s criminal attorney.

“I think the video speaks for itself,” Fleming said.

But what the video “says” is where they disagree.

Kolstad’s attorney says moments before this recording, Nelson confronted Kolstad — and that’s why Kolstad reacted to Nelson.

“From a legal perspective, it’s pretty significant because it helps us identify which piece of the assault caused which part of the harm,” White said.

Nelson’s lawyer says the video shows Kolstad was also violent, and that another suspect pushed Kolstad. Phillip Nelson just delivered one kick.

“Phillip was charged … he was not the aggressor,” Fleming said. “And it certainly shows, and I think, you know, the video shows and speaks beyond words just how true that is.”

Ken White says Kolstad is much improved. He is speaking in full sentences again, and his walking is much stronger. He is now coming to the Twin Cities three times a week for therapy.

Both the criminal and civil cases are still pending. We’ll have to see how the courts decipher that video.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield