MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A wind chill advisory is in effect Tuesday morning for Minnesota and western Wisconsin as a blast of arctic air descended on the Upper Midwest.

The National Weather Service forecasted that frigid temperatures and strong winds will combine to create wind chill values of 25 below in some areas. Such conditions can result in frostbite and lead to hypothermia if precautions aren’t taken.

The advisory remains in effect until noon.

Meteorologist Matt Brickman reports that Tuesday morning’s air temperatures were the lowest Minnesotans have seen since last winter. In several communities, temperatures dipped down into the negative double digits.

In the metro, the that cold combined with strong winds made it feel like 20 below. In northern Minnesota, the wind chill felt as cold as 32 below in Bemidji and 29 below in Hallock.

Later in the day, the cold will be accompanied by sunshine, Brickman says, but you’ll want to stay bundled up. The forecasted highs in Minnesota won’t break the double digits.

The Red Cross advises those who venture outdoors to wear layers of clothing and to beware of symptom of hypothermia. If you experience confusion, dizziness or severe shivering, seek medical help.

Also, don’t forget to keep pets inside, or make sure they have what they need to endure the frigid cold.

Homeowners may want to turn on a faucet to protect their pipes from freezing.