MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It was a little more challenging Monday for people to get through the cold weather and in to work.

It was well below zero when Dan Risser left his home for work. He saddled up his bicycle and pedaled through the chill to his job as a short-order cook.

“It was cold, I had to put a facemask on, and make sure the cold air isn’t going into the lungs,” said Risser, who bikes to work no matter what it’s like outside.

“Sure, I always do!” he said. “Have for years now.”

At least Risser has a warm kitchen to work in.

Mark Steinacher is pouring concrete at the Downtown East Towers construction site in Minneapolis. At times, he questions why he does this for a living.

“Of course I say that, but (it’s a) a paycheck, obviously,” said Steinacher. “It’s a little cold, yeah. Gotta work in it, though.”

Steinacher has several layers of clothes beneath his coveralls. He and his co-workers take the time to go inside to warm up, before facing the elements again.

“Try to get in when you can,” he said. “There are areas to warm up, but you still got plenty of time outside as well.”

Kamal Brooks says he makes sure he’s warm before leaving his house.

“I have two layers of clothes on today, and I walk really fast to my car,” said the Minnesota transplant from the east coast, where he says people think 20 above zero is cold.

After a number of years living in Minneapolis, Brooks says he’s getting acclimated to the winters.

“I always like cold weather,” he said. “I don’t know, I guess (it’s) the feeling. I like the way it fees.”

Even when it’s 13 below with wind chills making it feel colder?