By Jennifer Mayerle

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – They deliver in snow, sleet, or hail, and do it all on a bike.

Taco Cat opened in April.

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This is the first winter for the bike-only taco delivery service.

The delivery bikers find ways to keep the tacos, and themselves, warm on the bitterly cold nights when the temperature is below zero.

Sean Eddins is one of the cyclists who make deliveries for Taco Cat.

“I like riding my bike,” he said. “I might as well get paid to do it.”

He’s found a way to keep himself warm while making a delivery.

“I’ve got these big ‘ol glasses that block the wind, a face mask that covers my face,” he said. “The more seamless your outfit is, the better you’re off.”

And he’s mastered how to keep the food toasty warm, too.

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“A lot of our bags that we have are waterproof-lined, and they generally keep temperature inside of them pretty well,” he said.

On longer rides, he’ll add in a rice bag warmer for extra heat.

Dan Laeger-Hagemeister is one of the owners of Taco Cat. He also prepares the orders.

“Everyone’s got their own little tricks for keeping things warm,” he said.

He says customers are almost too sympathetic during the worst of winter.

“They just have to do it and not feel bad for us and, if they want tacos or burritos or nachos, just go for it,” he said. “We asked for it, so let’s party.”

One regular said he likes not having to cook and won’t shy away from staying in his PJ’s on a brisk day.

“It’s affordable, good food,” he said. “They come very quickly. Everything is always hot.”

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Taco Cat delivers Tuesday through Sunday in the Uptown and Powderhorn neighborhoods of Minneapolis.

Jennifer Mayerle