MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Maple Grove High School has two good basketball teams, and both are state tournament contenders.

But last Saturday, their schedule changed because they don’t have a home court anymore.

Their gymnasium was flooded due to a pipe burst, leaving it unplayable.

It’s difficult to notice with the naked eye, but you can sure feel the issues with the damaged court, with water still under the floor.

“If you stand here right in our paint, you know, there’s a large hump and a bounce to the floor,” Maple Grove athletic director Lambert Brown said.

This is the home court for two highly-ranked basketball teams.

“The thing that’s toughest is probably for the seniors, knowing that, you know, Senior Night and some of those things where the kids look forward to playing in games on this court,” Brown said.

Osseo Junior High is their new home, and there is a new community center opening Tuesday.

“We’re really looking at making sure we provide them with a great experience, even though we’re going to be a little bit different this year where we play,” Brown said. “But still making sure it’s a great experience for our fans, our players, our parents and everybody involved in the program.”

So this season will carry on, and the kids will be resilient.

Mike Max

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