MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A show at the Ordway Center in St. Paul this weekend has an unusual name and a powerful message.

It’s called “Full Still Hungry” and uses dancers, costumes and a live band to spark a meaningful conversation about food.

A dance company from Los Angeles called “Contra-Tiempo” came up with the concept.

They’ve toured the world with a performance that’s generating a lot of interest in the idea of food justice.

At first, energetic movements and vibrant colors catch your eye.

And then the sound and the rhythm of Afro-Cuban music penetrate your ear.

Then, a thought-provoking message is revealed.

Ana Maria Alvarez is the artistic director and choreographer of Contra-Tiempo.

“First, overarching the idea of Full Still Hungry is the idea that we are constantly consuming, but never satisfied,” she said. “That idea is ever-present in our culture and in our identity as people from this country.”

Weaved into the music and dance are audio recordings of people who’ve known hunger.

You hear men and women share childhood memories of their parents struggling to pay bills and buy groceries.

“There are places all over the United States where people don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables — food that is healthy and good for them,” Alvarez said.

The theme is multi-faceted. Don’t take food for granted. Don’t overindulge.

And don’t overlook the needs of those without food.

“In our work at Contra-Tiempo, we talk a lot about justice and the idea of food equity and everyone having access, not only to food, but to ideas and to experiences and to resources,” Alvarez said.

The members of Contra-Tiempo believe their dynamic physical movements can inspire a social movement and an awareness that we are all connected.

Thursday’s performances were for elementary and middle school students.

The next show is 7 p.m. Saturday at the Ordway Center in downtown St. Paul.

Tickets are $20 to $45.

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