MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO has learned about more complaints against Brooklyn Park company Breakaway Sportswear.

The company sent over-sized jerseys to a youth hockey team in Wisconsin. The Stoughton Youth Hockey Team got the jerseys late, in the wrong color and they were big enough to fit an adult.

Other teams say this isn’t the first blunder by Breakway.

Jeff Mlekoday is the owner of Breakaway Sportswear. He’s the man youth sports teams in Minnesota and Wisconsin want answers from.

When our crew arrived at his residence, he was not interested in an interview.

“We’re not doing this today,” Mlekoday said.

Players from the Stoughton team swim in the jerseys Breakaway sent them.

“You can barely see [my hands],” team member Ethan Hanson said.

Hockey association president Wade Rewey says there were problems from the beginning.

“Too big, wrong colors, everything that could be wrong went wrong,” Rewey said.

Twenty-four jerseys cost $3,500. On top of that, a parent paid $600 to have the jerseys altered just so the team could wear them.

WCCO discovered Breakaway Sportswear has a D-minus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Complaint after complaint is similar to Stoughton’s.

And we found Mlekoday had another company, Gaming Jerseys, where a disgruntled customer posted a video to warn others.

“The jersey didn’t come in time for PAX east, nor in time for me to wear while making this commentary,” customer Joe Fonicello said.

Gaming Jerseys is no longer licensed with the Secretary of State’s office. Neither is an earlier company, The Ink Doctor, although it appears Mlekoday is still doing business under that name.

“We want to be able to talk to you about, you know, these teams, their concerns over the jerseys,” Mayerle said.

Mlekoday shut the door in our faces.

Late Friday afternoon, after WCCO started asking questions, Mlekoday responded to the Stoughton team, offering to replace the jerseys at no cost.

The team has decided to cut their losses, but they are asking to be reimbursed by Breakaway Sportswear for the alterations.

In addition, a Minnesota company — who wishes to remain anonymous — saw the original story and has offered to donate new jerseys to the team.

Jennifer Mayerle

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