MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The latest terror video from al-Shabaab comes days after the White House convened a terror summit that focused on combating recruiting here in the Twin Cities and the rest of the country.

This latest video is a reminder that despite stepped-up efforts by federal and local authorities, the terrorists appear increasingly sophisticated in their approach.

The question now is: Is the U.S. doing enough to prevent a possible attack here in the Twin Cities?

Sen. Amy Klobuchar says that authorities in Minnesota have been successful when going after recruiters and would-be terrorists.

“Twenty indictments on al-Shabaab alone, nine convictions so far,” she said. “That is all because we were able to work [together], our law enforcement, federal and state level, with the community.”

Klobuchar also said that Minnesotans should not avoid the Mall of America. She said that Minnesota law enforcement officials are diligently protecting the shopping center and have dealt with al-Shabaab targeting in the past.

“This isn’t the first time [al-Shabaab has] singled out our state, our community,” Klobuchar said.

In 2013, the terror group released a video it called the “Minnesota Martyrs.” The video profiled two Minnesotans who joined al-Shabaab to fight in Somalia. Both young men ended up being killed.

To see the full interview with Sen. Amy Klobuchar on WCCO Sunday Morning, watch the video above.

Esme Murphy

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