MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some big high school tournament action is wrapping up — the state high school math tournament took place Monday in south St. Paul.

The Cambridge-Isanti High School team got an all-school sendoff, complete with a pep fest and teachers dancing.

There isn’t cheering, but plenty of tension as the top math students in the state took a test Monday. It’s all part of the Minnesota High School Mathematics League state championship.

Among those competing are two students and fraternal twin brothers, seniors Ryan and Chris Fredlund.

“I don’t think I got that right,” Ryan Fredlund said as he went over one of the answers.

“I did,” his brother Chris fired back.

The Fredlunds say today’s pep rally was a rare shot of attention.

“It’s not a spectator sport because all you would be doing is watching people write on pieces of paper but there is a lot of support from the school,” Ryan Fredlund said.

Largely because of the Fredlund twins, Cambridge- Isanti made it to state three years in a row. And for the past few years the twins have traded off winning the Rum River Division. This year they tied for first.

“We had some kids asking, ‘did you guys rig that?’” Ryan said. For the record, the twins say they didn’t.

The math gene runs in the family — their dad won the same division for Cambridge-Isanti in the 80s.

“I remember in Middle School he was trying to teach us derivatives in the car before we even knew what derivatives were,” Ryan said.

Coach Mike Sorn says he’ll miss the twins.

“I have thought about trying to redshirt them and keep them another year,” he joked.

Sorn says for the Fredlunds and all the competitors, this is as big as any state championship for any high school team.

“This is their chance to shine to go out and do something they are very good at its a wonderful opportunity for them to find their niche,” he said.

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