MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – We are seeing the first significant warm up this week, taking care of what little snow cover we had this winter.

That’s concerning for Jean Goad with the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center in Grand Rapids.

“We re thinking we are not going to have a quiet season,” Goad said.

She thinks the fire risk will be a little higher than normal and could start earlier than normal as well.

“Part of the problem with not having snow this winter is that the grass hasn’t been compacted,” she said. “If you drive down the road you see all the tall grasses, and they provide fuel for fires.”

Goad said most fires are caused by humans but sometimes are sparked by trains or lightning.

There is no plan yet to restrict burning, but that could come soon.

Goad said April and May are the busiest times of year when it comes to wildfires.

She adds that when it rains, it reduces the threat quickly.