MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week, we’re giving your lunchbox a make-over. It can be done by keeping it simple and planning ahead.

Molly Herrmann co-owns Kitchen in the Market at Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. Molly and her son, AJ, helped us make a brat salad Monday.

Now, she’s using some of the same ingredients to make what could be boring soup and crackers into something much more.

Prepping the kitchen can make lunch so much easier.

“This is all vegetables we already had so we’re not doing new things all week long, we’re using the same ingredients all throughout the week. So it’s easy on the shopping, too,” Molly said.

She heats up a soup, already in her pantry and puts it in a Thermos-brand thermos, which will run you about $19.

“You just want to pour hot water into the thermos first. Then make sure whatever you’re putting in is really hot and then you pour out the hot water and pour that in and it should stay warm for hours,” Molly said.

“Then we’re going to do a crudité with hummus and crackers,” Molly said.

Molly’s son, AJ also likes adding vegetables kids in the lunchroom might ask about.

“They usually haven’t seen anything crazy like stuff that I have in my lunches,” AJ said.

While he has fun, mom also knows he’s getting a healthy and balanced meal that was easy on her, too.

“It’s that easy,” Molly said.