MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hundreds of people showed up Tuesday at a State Capitol rally for increased human services funding.

It is one of many state programs neglected or cut during the recession.

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Now, with a $2 billion budget surplus, State Republican party leaders are calling for $2 billion in tax relief.

A new television ad from the Minnesota Republican Party claims the surplus is big enough to give $350 to every man, woman and child in the state.

Minnesota Republican Party Chair Keith Downey is criticizing Democrats for passing a $2 billion tax hike two years ago, and keeping the money.

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“That a $2 billion tax increase, unnecessary, creating a $2 billion surplus followed by another $3 billion surplus [that] should somehow be spent?” Downey said.

The Republican Party message is apparently at odds with the highest-ranking elected Republican. House Speaker Kurt Daudt is supporting some tax relief, but also spending programs — from education to nursing homes.

Minnesota DFL Party Chair Ken Martin says the Republican call to return the entire surplus amounts to a loyalty test for Republican lawmakers.

“And that’s the question that Keith Downey is posing to Republicans today. He’s forcing them to choose: Are you going to choose your party over the interests of the people who elected you?” Martin said.

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Minnesota lawmakers will lay out their own official budgets, including possible tax cuts, during the next two weeks.