MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police arreseted the fifth suspect in a multi-state sex trafficking ring investigation Thursday, according to Ramsey County Jail records.

Arrest records indicate 19-year-old Suwan Dominique Cross of West St. Paul is charged with four counts of sex trafficking and three counts of underage sex trafficking.

The other four defendants, who were arrested March 3, are charged with two counts of first degree sex trafficking, three counts of second degree sex trafficking, and two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. Cross was charged at the time of their arrest as well.

Last fall, authorities exercised a search warrant for a St. Paul home where officers had set up a sting. They discovered several cell phones and Visa Vanilla gift cards linked to purchases of sex trafficking ads on the website Backpage.com in several states, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio Kentucky and Georgia.

There are at least five victims of of the operation, ranging in age from 16-24.