MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are some days when you go: What am I going to eat for lunch? Many days, probably.

Bacon is always an enticing option, but a regular BLT can get soggy, and that’s a disappointment.

Molly Herrmann from Kitchen in the Market in Minneapolis helped the WCCO Morning Show make over our lunch box, from the outside in.

AJ — a great eater for a 7 year old — loves veggies, brats, carnitas but said he doesn’t like sandwiches and cheese in his lunches.

“It gets all warm in my lunch and then gooey,” AJ said.

After food started coming home, Herrmann realized she needed to do something.

“We decided to do it in a lettuce wrap,” Herrmann said.

Simply layer on the bacon and tomatoes. If you really want bread, make sure it stands alone.

Herrmann showed us a stainless steel container is around $25. Another option is reusable pouches that run anywhere from $7 to $8, are dishwasher safe, and the bread slides right in.

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