MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The St. Paul City Council passed a historic bike plan Wednesday night that will help make the city more bike friendly.

The plan adopted at Wednesday night’s council meeting more than doubles bike paths through St. Paul, bringing the total network to 350-miles.

This is all a result of Mayor Chris Coleman’s budget. Coleman’s budget dedicated more than $27 million this year to road construction, including the creation of bike pathways.

City planners have been working on a bike plan since 2011.

The approved plan calls for the construction of nearly 200 additional miles of bike pathways. It also makes what’s called the “Grand Round” a priority.

The “Grand Round” is a 27-mile scenic parkway for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists that circles the city.

WCCO got a look at early drafts for that plan about a year ago.

While all these plans have been approved, it will not all be happening at once.

The improvements will happen over the next several decades.

The city will also be looking for ways to make walking and biking a big part of future developments in the old Ford Plant site.

Coleman said this is all part of his 8-80 Vision. He said the city needs to work for everyone, whether they are the age eight or age 80, and whether they are traveling by foot, car, transit or bicycle.